Request for an assignment

1. Demand Generation - Responsible party: Programme Analyst (PAn)/Regional Portfolio Specialist (RPS)

For Description of Assignment reserved for Person with Disability, share specific DOA template.

DOA template for specific assignments (English)

2. Fill accessibility checklist - Host Entity (HE)

Only for DoAs reserved for UN Volunteers with disabilities: HE to fill accessibility checklist and/ or if willing to host candidates with disabilities.

Accessibility checklist form (ENG)

3. Readiness assessment with HE - Operations Associate (OA)-Recruiter/Hiring manager 

Assessment of HE readiness especially for DoAs reserved for UN Volunteer with disabilities.

Accessibility checklist form (ENG)

4. Share materials to HE (Forecast and Generate Demand) - PAn/Programme Associate/ RPS

Share online materials on disability inclusion with HE (Provide automated webinar support (share link to online materials).

5. Confirm RAF and any other cost affiliated in the onboarding of Volunteer-Host Entity (HE)

Confirm RAF and any other cost affiliated in the onboarding of the Volunteer

  • FF Donor: HE confirms whether funding for RAF and any other cost affiliated related to assignments, specifically reserved for persons with disabilities is available.
  • HE Funded: Confirm whether funding for Reasonable Accommodation is available from side of HE (get information from readiness assessment step).
  • UNV Funded: Assignments with UNV will be charged from a special voluntary fund (SVF)to pay for the Reasonable accommodations

6. Finalize DOA - Mobilization user

Support HE in terms of reviewing specific DOA, reserved for persons with disabilities, from inclusion angle in light of PDIS of UN.

DOA template for specific assignments (English);

UVP tagging “Assignments for PWD” is available to record the assignments



7. Outreach - Responsible party - Volunteer Service centre (VSC)/Field Unit (FU)/Regional Office (RO)/Host Entity (HE)

Involve donors and HE for specific outreach and as well as other networks/ approaches that work for mobilization and advocacy.

To facilitate an inclusive outreach to candidates with disabilities, the following documents need to be considered:

From the point of view of UNDP, UNDP-UNV Talent Programme for Young Professionals is continuing and UNDP is deploying volunteers and staff under the programme. From UNV’s side, the programme has been mainstreamed into regular operations with support of joint initiatives such as under the German (BMS) funding and under the Swedish (SIDA) funds.

Submit completed registration

8. Complete registration in UVP with voluntary option to self-disclose their disability - Candidate

If registration process is not fully accessible for the screen reader, kindly share with UNV following information so that we can assist you: 

candidate user ID in UVP

The number of the DoA/position candidate like to apply for. 

UNV personnel can then link your profile with the DoA. 

9. Support with accessible registration - Service Desk

Should candidates struggle to apply for an assignment, support linking their profile with the DoA they like to apply for. 

If registration process is not fully accessible for the  screen reader, kindly share with UNV  following information so that we can assist you: 

Your user ID in UVP

The number of the DoA/position you like to apply for. 

UNV personnel can then link your profile with the DoA. 


Eligibility check

10. Eligibility check - OA-Recruiter

 Do eligibility checks regarding disability after long listing and treat documentation received confidentially.

 Sample of email template

 If questions arise, recruiters can always double-check with VSS.

11. Candidate assessment - OA-Recruiter/HE

Host entities are responsible to conduct an inclusive selection process and create an inclusive team environment in order to ensure equal opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Invite candidates for an interview, written test, desk review or other assessment as arranged by the host entity, based on their preferences.  

Guideline for inclusive interviews and assessment

Guidance for Supervisor and managers for managing personnel PWD



Note – There is no official list of medical conditions that constitute disabilities. Medical conditions and disability are not the same things.

In terms of persons with disabilities, as a general rule, we follow the definition provided in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: “Persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.”


We can also ask for proof of disability with candidates, with the understanding that it may take the candidates some time to obtain one, and that not every country issues it. Each country has different criteria for the recognition of "disability status".

The assessment is usually conducted by health professionals who evaluate the information regarding health conditions/impairments and the barriers faced by the person (during childhood and adulthood).

Generate Offer and start needs assessment

12. Generate Offer and start needs assessment - Operations Associate (OA)-Volunteer Management (VM)

Generate an offer with the assessment of reasonable accommodation documents.

Should candidates with disabilities not reach out to VSC focal point proactively, send an email to reach out to the selected candidate (needs assessment form and flyer on reasonable accommodation ENG, FRA, ESP to be attached) along with email.

Once the candidate accepts the offer, a pre-deployment email is sent by UVP which includes information about a reasonable accommodation, a need assessment form as well as flyers of reasonable accommodation in three languages.

The candidate is supposed to fill out the form and send it to VSC through

If during the eligibility check the information on type of disability was already disclosed, the need assessment (General) forms form should be selected right away.

13. Activate Buddy system - Programm Analyst (PAn)/Regional Office (RO)

Explain the importance of a buddy system to the Host Entity, to support onboarding (e.g. for finding accessible accommodation and commute, orientation in the office)

Exemplary Flyer  Talent Program for young people with disability (Note- UNDP-INV Talent Programme is discontinued and UNV follows the regular operations for recruitment of UN volunteers for Persons with Disabilities.)

14. Contact Host Entity (HE) to ensure onboarding of volunteer with a disability is proceeding as planned - Programme Analyst (PAn)/Regional Portfolio Specialist (RPS)

Contact Host entity 3 weeks prior to the arrival of the volunteer with a disability to ensure specific information for onboarding is shared with the volunteer and supervisor.

Offer HE a pre-deployment/awareness-raising webinar to sensitize for the needs of the onboarding UN Volunteers

standard onboarding emails to supervisors (UNWOMEN, UNDP)

15. Reasonable accommodation needs assessment Programme Analyst (PAn)/Regional Portfolio Specialist (RPS)

The needs assessment form, which upon offer was sent to the UN Volunteers, should be continued filling as needed once UN Volunteer with a disability is on-boarded and further needs are clear.

Email template for reasonable accommodation needs assessment.docx

Reasonable Accommodation SOP

16. Onboarding - Host entity 

A reasonable accommodation fund is requested to support PWD with the assignment. (if applicable, in line with the Description in 5 above)

16.1 Onboarding - PAn/UNDP Focal Point (FP)

Make sure onboarding support is available right from the beginning (arrival at host country/ office)

If Host Entities or UN Volunteers have any questions helpdesk colleagues can be contacted.

Handbook – Inclusive guidance

Reasonable Accommodation flyer (ENG, FRA, ESP)

17. Onboarding - Capacity Development Team (CDT)

Accessible and inclusive induction training for newly onboarding UN Volunteers with disabilities on learning offers specifically tailored to them as well as regular learning opportunities which includes Assignment Preparation Training (APT) for Youth Volunteers.

Report on volunteer achievement

18. Report on volunteer achievement - Volunteer/supervisor

Collect feedback on disability inclusion-specific experiences of:


PWD SOP 0.pdf