Responsible person/party - Porgramme Analyst/Regional Portfolio Specialist

Contact HE 3 weeks prior to volunteer arrival to ensure HE is ready to host FF Volunteer and all administrative issues have been handled. ((Fully Funded volunteer only)

Unified Volunteering Platform (UVP)

Candidate status changes to ‘Serving’ when the start date is reached. UVP is the source of truth for contract start and end date.

Recruitment users will now receive a dashboard task in the following scenario:

  • A candidate declines a contract

The task is called 'Candidate withdrawn'. This is a notification only. Completing the task performs no action. Mobilization users will receive a notification email.

Host Entity

In UVP, complete task to confirm UN Volunteer entry on duty


The email to mobilization users to notify VSC of entry on duty date applies to non-traveling IUNV candidates as well as National UN Volunteer candidates.

Operations Associate - Volunteer Management (OA-VM)

update contract, enter dependants, enroll in health and life insurance, global payroll set up, entry of bank information and payroll distribution

If UN volunteer is telecommuting from US, please follow the user guide to adjust US based insurance rate User Guide for UN Volunteers telecommuting from United States


Complete UVP ‘Hired in Atlas’ task in UVP

Programme Assistant/Focal Point/Host Entity Contact (EU)/ONY (USA)/Support OfficerO

Provide administrative brief to volunteer and dependents on Unified COS, Country-Specific information, and on using ATLAS E-Services


Arrange Security Briefing with UNDSS or UN entities security section. 

Host Entity (HE)

Briefing with the Host Entity hiring section. Ensure UN Volunteer has access to equipment and information for the role. 


Check-in (bank account, residence permit/visa)


Once a volunteer is hired in ATLAS, UVP send an email and create a task for GSSU to update banking details in Atlas HCM based on UVP bank information


Enter bank account details in ATLAS HCM for payroll payments.

Process pre-departure entitlements

Pay entry lump sum allowance for NUNVs (For national volunteers only)


Complete NUNV travel task in UVP to confirm travel lump sum payment.


The document upload is mandatory when national UN Volunteers request a travel lump sum


Create payment request for NUNV deployment travel. 

Payroll associate

Approve payment request


Locate permanent residence, have it cleared by security for MORSS compliance

International Volunteer

Complete personal effects inventory in UVP via related action.  

1. UN Volunteer - Add dependents to UVP profile(If not added earlier) - add or update dependent information in UVP profile including upload of supporting document

2. OA VM - Verify dependentCheck supporting documents and confirm (or reject) request to verify dependents

3. UN Volunteer - Request arrival of dependents - Requesting travel of dependents  by completing task in UVP ‘ request dependent travel’

4. OA - Review and approve the request - After the volunteer requests the dependent travel, the VM user gets a task to approve the request

5. OA- Process payment for dependent - Process 120% travel lump sum to the UN Volunteer dependents travel.

6. PA/*HEC/FP/SO  - Arrange Arrival Assist volunteer with the arrival of dependants including visas, travel arrangements, and security clearances.

7. Volunteer - Complete security clearance for dependants Complete security clearance for dependants. Go to UVP  ‘My Dashboard’ in UVP. Complete the ‘Security clearance’ task to upload the security clearance confirmation email from UNDSS

8. PA/OA - Update data in ATLAS - Update dependent information and enroll dependents for medical insurance

See note here about automated deduction for health insurance premium when 4th/5th dependents join.

UN Volunteers who have 4+ or more dependent joining duty station, follow the instruction how to enroll dependent under the health insurance plan as per page no-144 in ATLAS User Guide. Use the correct Insurance deduction for US and Non-US based volunteers

UN Volunteer and eligible dependents with dual insurance from a UN staff member are advised to use the insurance from staff member as their primary insurance and the UNV provided insurance as their secondary.

There is no opting out of UNV provided insurance, as it is an entitlement and a potential liability when the policies differ.

9. PA/HEC/FP - Notify of arrivalInform DSS of arrival 

10. PA/HEC/FP/SO - Support in getting a residence permit - Assist with a request for a residence permit (Only applicable to the duty stations that has the provision of the residence permit.)

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