Responsible person/party - System

Notify host entity by email and UN Volunteer that contract is ending three months in advance of contract end dates. Repeat at 2 months and 1 month if no action by host entity.

Host entity, UNV field personnel and UN Volunteer

Discuss the needs of host entities relating to extensions or new assignments. 

Host entity

HE confirms the extension discussed with UN Volunteer, confirm funding is available (if host entity funded) and provide pload supporting document if needed.  

FU request a contract extension in UVP based on funding confirmation from the HE.

FU choose the related action ‘Contract extension’ or the ‘extend assignment’ task if within 3 months of contract end date in UVP. Choose new contract end date.



Host entity

Update funding information in UVP (if changed)

UNV Operations Associate (Volunteer Management)

Review information provided in request and approve if compliant with COS. Decline if not, and give reason.

Extension should not allow UN Volunteer to serve longer than 4 years.


Notify HE, UN Volunteer. Update assignment data

RPA robot

Check daily for new contract extensions and extend contracts in Atlas. Add any errors to excel document in SharePoint. Email UNV personnel when complete.

RPA robot

Generate the list of Contract extensions issued the previous day; · Generate PAFs in ATLAS · Upload PAFs in UVP · Create an excel file in SharePoint with errors identified and follow-up actions for UNV personnel to take, if necessary. Email responsible UNV personnel with PAF generation results from the previous day.

UNV Operations Associate, Volunteer Management

Follow robots instructions to correct errors in PAF generation and contract extensions in Atlas

UNV Payroll Associate

Review and update recurring earnings/deductions, if necessary

Assignment Extension new.pdf