Responsible person/party - Volunteer

1. Volunteer - Update inventory list Regularly update inventory list in UVP throughout assignment to ensure changes are recorded accurately.

2. Volunteer - Record travel in TRIPVolunteers must record all travel in TRIP in case of emergency.

3. UNDSS - UN Security Coordinator gives order to evacuate Notification from the UN Security Co-ordinator requesting immediate relocation of UN Volunteers and dependants to a safe haven. UNDSS decides with HE which staff, including volunteers are essential and stay behind and which are evacuated.

4. PA/CC/HE( for own volunteers) -Inform UNV HQ -Prepare a consolidated list of the UN Volunteers and their dependents.  List should include contract duration and presence or absence from the duty station (for example, on leave, official business). Check contract dates and to inform repatriation if applicable (volunteers and their dependents).

5. PA/CC/RPS - Security Evacuation Request - Complete ‘Security evacuation’ task in UVP. Upload evacuation order from UNDSS.

6. Volunteer - Evacuate as per instructions Evacuate as per instructions from UNDSS and host entity.

7. OA VM - Follow-up check UN Volunteer and dependants arrival at safe haven.Follow up and ensure UN Volunteers and dependents arrive at safe-haven.

8. OA VM - Prepare monitoring list of evacuees, including UN Volunteers and dependants who have been relocated to safe haven. Prepare and update monitoring list of evacuees of UN Volunteers and dependents. List should include departure dates and track DSA payments.

9. OA VM - Create Authorization for DSA/SEA - Create Authorization in word document based on template for payment of DSA (for in-country evacuation) and SEA for evacuations outside of the duty station country (safe haven, home country, third country), as necessary. Send to OA TL using DocuSign for review.

10. OA-TL - Approve authorisationReview and approve using DocuSign. 

11. OA VM - Upload authorizationUpload authorization to the UN Volunteer’s document library.

12. OA- VM - Create security evacuation DSA payment requestCreate a payment request for DSA in UVP. 

13. OA VM - Authorize additional payment of DSA Prepare and send authorization for additional payment of DSA as necessary.  Update monitoring list of evacuees. 

Duty station has re-opened within two (2) months

1. UNDSS - Notification from UNDSSNotification from UNDSS confirms that all UN personnel including their dependents can return to the Duty station. Prepare and send authorization to country of safe haven to send UN Volunteers and dependents back to duty station.

Duty station remains non-operational

1. OA - Monitor period of stay at safe-havenWithin one month of stay at safe-haven, start contacting funding project for other applicable Volunteer opportunities

2. PA - OA - Initiate repatriation formalities

  • Initiate repatriation formalities if no other project opportunities.
  • Prepare early termination of contract by providing the notice period.

3. OA - Initiate reassignment formalities

  • Initiate reassignment formalities if project has provided other opportunities in another country.
  • Prepare and authorize reassignment procedures.
Security Evacuation 1.pdf