Responsible party/person - HE hiring manager

In UVP, complete the action to ‘request a reassignment’.

Select new duty station, effective date, and confirm volunteer consent.



The following conditions apply in cases of reassignment.

  • Remaining in the same UN Volunteer category and type;
  • Changing their duty station within the same country or mission area for a period of more than three (3) months; and
  • Remaining with the same Host Entity.

Changes to core functions can occur as part of reassignment and will not constitute a new assignment. Reassignments do not require the issuance of a new UN Volunteer Contract, but the UN Volunteer must consent to the reassignment. Funds for travel and settling-in will be provided in cases of reassignment.



Complete ‘Review reassignment (FF) UVP task

Ensure donor supports reassignment

Check contract history for years of service to ensure is within COS limits.

Complete task to confirm donor support.


Complete ‘Review reassignment request’ and approve in UVP.

Check contract history for years of service to ensure is within COS limits.

Confirm reassignment.


Update position data. Update job data to reflect the position update. Use ‘Transfer/UNV Duty ST same country’ as transfer reason.

Reassignment entry allowance to be paid automatically in payroll along with the travel amount. Will be charged to the project budget.

Do not generate a new contract.

System (Atlas)

When change reason is entered in Atlas. Pay the UN Volunteer the reassignment allowance ($2000 for IUNV or $200 for NUNV).


Create a case request for a travel quotation in SalesForce.

UNV travel

Receive case in Salesforce and check for the most economic routing/fare (as defined in UNV duty travel policy) using corporate available Online Booking Tools (OBT), Indicate fare quotation in USD.

The system automatically calculates Quotation Surcharge with 120% travel monetization.

UNV Travel marks status as “Quotation is Available”.


This step is applicable for IUNV only.


System (Salesforce)

OA (requestor) receives a task on UVP dashboard when the quotation amount is available.


Complete in TRIP.


Arrange travel to the new duty station.

HE account owner

Update the supervisor in UVP if changed. 

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