Responsible person/party - GP Admin in UNDP CO – (non-centralized) / UNV HQ Payroll Associate – centralized countries / GSSU Payroll Team (Asia & Pacific)

Verify the GPS Newsletter ( to ascertain when the payroll will be open for the country and coordinate with UNDP Global Payroll Administrator / GSSU Local Payroll (for clustered countries) to obtain information on deadlines and know in advance when the payroll is due to be finalized. (See Annex 2)

GP Admin in UNDP CO (non-centralized)/UNV HQ Payroll Associate (centralized payroll)/GSSU Payroll Team (Asia & Pacific)

Run Payroll/HR Validation (Country) process

The PVC page updates the data in the Payroll Validation Tool (PVT).

When payroll is opened the PVC is run by GSSU Copenhagen. When payroll is rerun by GSSU Copenhagen, the running of the PVC process is carried out by the GP Administrator who has requested the recalculation.

Please note that if the running of the PVC is done by the UNV HQ VSC Payroll Associates, s/he must inform the GP Administrators in the Country Office or GSSU Local Payroll Team (for clustered countries) that the PVC has been rerun because PVC rerun process affects the staff too.

GP Admin in UNDP CO- (non-centralized)/UNV HQ Payroll Associate- (centralized payroll)/GSSU payroll Team (for centralized payroll in Asia and Pacific)

Verify and ensure UN Volunteers payroll results are correct at the time of signing off on payroll. This includes:

- providing valid comments for valid changes in the net pay results.

- providing valid comments for valid payroll and banking exceptions.

- Ensure that invalid payroll exceptions and banking exceptions are cleared from PVT before payroll is finalized.

-Investigating individual results when required through Results by calendar


(Payroll results should be validated using the PVT because PVC rerun process affects the staff too.

It compares the current month’s payroll data with the previous month’s data. It also reflects the comparison between the current run and the previous run in the current month. It also highlights banking and payroll exceptions.

It is also recommended to use the Results by Calendar navigation for individual results requiring investigation.)


Volunteer gets a task in the dashboard to update banking information in UVP and completes. OA-VMs have also a role to ask submit banking information on behalf of UN Volunteer


GSSU receives an email and gets a task in Dashboard to complete “update banking information” in UVP


Maintain bank accounts and specify net pay elections. In addition to this GSSU KL do:

  • Obtain full and complete beneficiary/intermediary bank details (where needed) when full and complete information has not been provided.
  • Request GSSU Copenhagen to enter intermediary bank details.
  • Request GSSU Copenhagen to enter the appropriate source bank when the default source bank is not appropriate.
  • Obtain approval from UNV HQ on changing currency of payments when a payment in the non-default currency is requested.

Maintain unique beneficiary bank entry/payment method requirements based on country office input


Coordinate with GP Admin if there are discrepancies, for GP Admin to update

UN Volunteer or mobilization user on behalf of UN Volunteer

Volunteers and mobilization users submit a request for payment in UVP by clicking “Request for Payment”

Operations associate (volunteer management) can also submit requests on behalf of the UN Volunteer. In that case, the request is automatically submitted to Payroll Associate to approve.


Review payment request in UVP, add Payroll Month and Payroll Year and submit for Payroll Associate approval.

If further information is needed, click on “Return the Payment Request” button and ask Volunteer to submit needed information.

UNV HQ Payroll Associates

Review the payment request and click on “Add to Payroll” button to add the payment request in the database. If needed change Payroll Month, Payroll Year and Action Type.


If further information is needed, click on the “Return the Payment Request” button and ask for further information from OA VM


All approved payments that are added to Database will generate a CSV file on certain days of the month and submit to Payroll Associate email to review.

Payroll Associate

Validates the list and request GSSU CPH to enter bulk one-time entries by submitting the CSV file by email

UNV HQ Payroll Associates

Entries that have not been done in UVP or ones that marked as “Added by GP Admin” in UVP

Enter one-time and/or recurring earnings, if applicable. Enter end date for recurring earnings, if applicable.

Correct manual one-time and/or recurring earnings, if applicable.

Assign recurring earning and deduction (if needed)



Country office/field focal points follow up with VSC OAs to assist with correction of HR Data. For corrections, VSC Operation Associates Cases have correct history to correct HR data.

VSC Operation Associates contacts GSSU Copenhagen Helpdesk for tier 3 cases which requires additional assistance and advice.

UNV HQ Payroll Associates

UNV HQ Payroll Associates Request recalculation of payroll if adjustments were made

UNV HQ Payroll Associates

Rerun PVC process and verify Results after recalculation to ensure results are valid

UNV HQ Payroll Associates

Coordinate with UNDP GP Administrator/ Local Payroll Team- GSSU KL the finalization of the payroll.

UNV HQ Payroll Associates indicate UNV’s sign off by entering a remark in the PVT. UNV HQ aim to indicate UNV’S sign off 2 days before the respective payroll’s finalization date.

The ready to sign off button is clicked by: UNV HQ Payroll Associates

UNDP Disbursing Officer UNV HQ Disbursing Officer for volunteer payroll

Perform final ‘sign-off by checking the ‘sign-off box.  Confirm that payroll amounts are correct and ready for disbursement.

UNDP CO Finance/Treasury/Bank of America

Local Payments (cash/cheque/transfer) issued by the UNDP CO

Bank Transfers via BOA are issued by Bank of America upon instructions from Treasury

GSSU Copenhagen

Open, recalculate, enter payroll triggers, segmentation, finalise payroll and banking.

GSSU Copenhagen

Generate payslip for volunteers.

GSSU Copenhagen

Upload payslips report to automated application for sharing with individual volunteers.


UN Volunteer request reimbursement for bank fee through payment module in UVP

Note - how to submit a payment request: Interactive versionweb-page version

Operations Associate (OA)-Volunteer Management (VM)

OA reviews the request in UVP and approve/reject the payment

UNV reimburses bank charges that affect Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA).

Example- if VLA is US$ 2,500 and the volunteer gets only US$ 2,470 in his/her bank after deduction, in such case UNV reimburses US$ 30 as bank charges upon request from the volunteer.

UNDP and UNV will not accept any liability associated with losses resulting from exchange rates or pay any bank charges or any other fees when VLA is paid or transferred to any banking location other than the UNDP-designated financial institution in the country of assignment.

The bank fees will be charged to the respective Host Entity Chart of Accounts (COA), the same COA that we use for volunteer assignments.

Review the payment and confirm

Once PRA confirms the payment UVP adds it to a CSV file for upload to payroll.


Treasury & UNDP CO

Sends information about rejected payroll to UNV HQ Payroll Associates (for centralized countries payroll) GSSU Local Payroll Team.

When there is a rejected payroll payment from a local source bank it is the UNDP Country Office who informs send information about rejected payroll.

GP Admin-UNVHQ/Local Payroll Team/UNDP CO

Request Accounts Receivable deposit creation to GSSU Deposits Team


For those offices where the volunteer GP function is carried out by GSSU local payroll team(RBAP), GSSU local payroll team will submit a request through Oracle service portal(  to create AR journal deposit for the original amount using account 14024 and the appropriate open item COA as AR journal deposit will be created by GSSU KL Deposit team.

For those offices where the volunteer GP function is carried out by UNV HQ, the Country Office (CO) Finance team needs to send a request through Oracle service portal( to create the AR journal deposit using account 14024 and the appropriate open item COA as stated in the Operational Guide for Returned and Rejected Payments. CO to cc respective GP Admin in UNV HQ in the Oracle service portal for their reference. AR journal deposit will be created by GSSU KL Deposit team.

If there are delays in AR request submission by CO, then GP Admin in UNV HQGP Admins ‘payroll associates’ may send a request through Oracle service portal to create the AR journal and cc respective CO focal point.


Investigates the case and requests UN Volunteer to provide clarification. 

UN Volunteer

Responds to the request and updated Vendor Form 

Update banking information

updated vendor form and correct banking information in ATLAS HCM and ATLAS Finance 


Inform Payroll Associate, UNDP Cluster Team in Asia Pacific or GP Admins the process is finalized (see comments) 

GP Administrator at UNV HQ (for centralized payroll) Local Payroll Team- GSSU KL (for RBAP countries)

Once GSSU UNV team in KL confirm that the vendor information in ATLAS Finance is correct, the corresponding UN Volunteer GP Administrator follows up on the creation of the replacement AP Voucher.

•           GP Administrator at UNV HQ for centralized payrolls where GP function is carried out by UNV HQ.

•           Local Payroll team in KL ( for RBAP countries.