End of Assignment (Resignation)

1. UN Volunteer - Submit resignation in UVP - Perform resignation action in UVP. Provide new end of contract date, the number of leave days owing.

2. UVP - Notify OA VMNotify OA VM of potential resignation via a dashboard task.

3. OA VM - Put UNV into non-payPut UN Volunteer into ‘non-pay’ in Atlas to prevent any over-payment. Mark task as complete.

4. HE - Accept resignation - Review resignation information. Confirm if correct. Return if changes are needed.

5. UVP - Confirm if COS conditions met. Calculate EOA entitlements - 

Consider COS and information provided by UN Volunteer.

  • If COS conditions met. Continue with standard EOA process step #X.
  • If COS conditions are not met, generate task for mobilization user. Proceed to step 5.1

5.1 CC, RPS - Confirm if an exception applies - 

Review resignation case:

  •  If an exception applies (exit allowance paid and/or VLA deduction not applied).
  • If exception, confirm RM approval. UVP continues with EOA process. 
  • If RM doesn’t approve the exception, UVP continues with EO process noting changes to exit allowance and VLA deduction for the payment.

6. OA - Confirm resignation - Confirm resignation and payment amount in UVP 

Contract end date is reached

1. CC, RPS - Monitor contract end dates (optional)Monitor volunteer assignment end dates as part of relationship management with partners and discuss the possibility of (non)extension of contracts/ new assignments.

2. UVP - Send end of contract reminder to host entity At 3 months and 2 months from the end of contract (EOC) date, send reminder and create task for host entity to request confirmation of extension or end of the assignment. 15 days from EOC create tasks for OA VM and mobilization user if no action taken by HE

2.1. OA VM - Add volunteer to non-pay -  Move the volunteer to non-pay in Atlas. Tag the volunteer as non-pay in UVP. Mark 15 day reminder task as complete

2.2. CC, RPS - EOC actions in Atlas for cases of HE inactionFollow up with host entity and request to confirm end of assignment or extension in UVP

VSC Team Leads now have an option to end an assignment early for reasons other than resignation. This is done via the assignment detail page. Users can select a new end of contract date, reason for the early separation and upload supporting documents. Completing this action triggers the end of the assignment process and updates contract data.

3. HE - Confirm end of assignment - Confirm end of assignment via the task in UVP

4. UVP - Provide end of assignment informationSend an email with instructions for the end of the assignment. Create tasks on volunteer dashboard to complete:

  • End of assignment checklist and signoff
  • Reporting in VRA
  • Update bank account (if needed)
  • Confirm date and place of repatriation

5. PA/FP - Debrief volunteer - Discuss end of assignment entitlements and check out procedure

6. Volunteer - Volunteer reportingComplete volunteer assignment reporting in the Volunteer Reporting Application (VRA). Confirm complete via a task in UVP.

7. Volunteer - Upload performance appraisal - Upload performance appraisal in UVP via task.

(EN - ESP FR) – UN Volunteer Performance Assessment Report (VPA) - Volunteers can also use the Host Entity’s performance appraisal template instead of the UNV VPA form

8. Volunteer - Complete Final checklist - Complete final clearance checklist task in UVP to confirm that there are no outstanding debts/charges owing, all equipment is returned to the host entity. Checklist is required to receive final entitlements.

9. Volunteer - Review bank details - Review bank details in UVP and update if needed. Complete UVP task to confirm

10. Volunteer - Confirm travel details - Complete repatriation travel form and upload using UVP task (IUNV Only)

10.1. OA VM - Request travel quote - Cross check volunteer travel form and request travel quote in Salesforce.(IUNV only)

10.2. UNV Travel - Provide travel quotation - Provide travel quote. Triggers task to OA in UVP to review. (IUNV only)

10.3 OA VM - Create travel payment request - Create travel payment request in UVP based on quote. Complete travel quotation task. (IUNV only)

11. OA VM - Check travel eligibility (NUNV)For volunteers recruited in VMAM: Check in Atlas HCM if travel reimbursement was made at beginning of an assignment.

For volunteers recruited in UVP: Check in UVP assignment detail page to see if payment was recorded.

11.1. OA VM - Pay travel lump sum (if eligible, NUNV) - Create travel payment request in UVP for $200 if eligible.

11.2. Payroll Associate - Approve travel lump sum payment  (NUNV) - Approve lump sum payment in UVP 

12. HE - Complete host entity review - Complete host entity review task in UVP. Identify any outstanding payments, if needed.

13. UNV Field Units and Regional Offices- Report to OA about outstanding obligation (if any) UNV Field Units and Regional Offices have to report to their VM OA at any time potential outstanding obligations and financial liability of the UN Volunteers in their duty station, provided there is legal proof of it. This step will help further reduce the risk of completing the EoA process and processing assignment payments while the volunteer still has outstanding obligations such as private debts (e.g. landlords or banks) 

14. OA VM - Final clearance review - Complete end of assignment clearance task in UVP. Check for open items (and clear if needed), clear any outstanding payments.

14. 1. OA VM - Remove open item - Remove open item from assignment record in UVP

15. UVP - Issue certificate of serviceGenerate certificate of service. Notify UN Volunteer is available in the document library.

UVP also saves a template letter to the UN Volunteer’s document library when they reach the end of their assignment. The letter can be used for tax or other administrative purposes if needed

16. OA VM - Process separation in Atlas HCM - Enter separation in Atlas HCM Job Data, effective 1 day after the end of the contract date. Terminate health and life insurance coverages. Note: if eligible, health insurance should be terminated 1 month after the end of the contract date.

One-month additional health insurance coverage applies to UN volunteers only.

In exceptional circumstances, after-service health insurance is extended for UN volunteers only based on UNOG medical doctor’s recommendation and with a valid chart of account provided by the host entity. The duration is to be confirmed by UNOG.

A UN Volunteer who chooses not to return immediately to the place of recruitment/domicile, to stay on in the country of assignment, travels via a different route or mode of transport or to travel to a third country, will forfeit the one-month additional health insurance coverage.

17. Payroll Associate - Terminate recurring earnings and deductions - Terminate recurring earnings and deductions if applicable with the contract end date and validate payroll results.

18. UVP - Trigger exit allowance payment - Trigger exit allowance payment (please see the PDF format of SOP for more details, step 18-20)) 

19. OA VM - Check banking information is updated - Check that volunteer has completed ‘update banking information’ task in activity log and follow up with UN Volunteer by email if needed.

20. OA VM - Confirm exit allowance - OA confirms exit allowance (check step 22-24 in PDF format of SOP)

21. Payroll Associate - Approve payment - Approve payment request in UVP (check step 22-24 in PDF format of SOP)

Entitlement in all scenarios of resignation

P. End of assignment new.pdf
P. End of assignment new.pdf