Responsible person/party - Programme Associate/Country Coordinator/Regional Portfolio Specialist

Notify VSC and RO of the death by email  


Record death of UNV using the ‘death of UN Volunteer task’ in UVP

VSC OA TL (Operations power user or super user)

OA-TL separate UN volunteers in UVP using the related action ‘Separation from assignment’ 


Log in as the UN Volunteer in UVP to complete the checklist on their behalf.

(This is the only way to move the process to completion until a dedicated workflow is created for this scenario)

CC or PA

Complete the host entity checklist in UVP on behalf of the host entity.

Regional Office (RO)

RO informs family members about the death of UN Volunteers

Operations Associate - Volunteer Management (OA VM)

Inform Cigna and UNJMS of the death and that documents are being gathered and will be submitted as soon as possible.


Ensure volunteer document library contains:

  • Birth Certificate of the UN Volunteer
  • Beneficiary Form (with complete information and signature of UN Volunteer)
  • Passport/Identity proof of beneficiaries

Source and upload to UVP document library if necessary. Check beneficiaries’ names and how compensation should be distributed.

In case no Field Presence FP will send to OA in VSC via email. 

In case the beneficiary form is not fully completed, UNV could consider presenting this case to the EC/ OiC to make a discretionary decision to pay out.  


Coordinate receipt of remains and handover to family.

UNV RO to assist. In cases UNV has no presence in home country or sending location of remains (e.g. in cases of medical evacuation), the UN Physician and UNV presence or RO for the duty station country coordinator to send and OA coordinates with family to receive the remains.

Operation Associate (OA)

Separate UN Volunteer in Atlas HCM. Enter separation in Job Data, separate medical and life insurance with the effective date of 1 day after the UN Volunteer death

Extend medical insurance of recognized PFU for 45 days 1 day after the date of UN Volunteer death.


A condolence letter in the name of the UNV Executive Coordinator is drafted. This is then passed on to the UNV Executive Coordinator for review and signature.

A condolence letter is addressed to beneficiaries and/or dependents

Condolence letter ENFR

OA-Fully Funded

If the UN Volunteer is fully funded, inform the donor partners of the UN Volunteer’s death.


The insurance policy should be checked to determine its relevance in relation to the cause of death as found in the medical report and to the location of the duty station.


Check type of coverage for UN Volunteers assigned in regular duty station or countries covered under the malicious act policy

Operation Associate (OA)

Draft a communication to Cigna copied to the UN Medical Director (UNJMS Geneva) informing of the UN Volunteer’s death.  The communication should contain the following information:

    • UN Volunteer’s name, roster number, and employee ID
    • Certificate of Death (issued by an official authority of the country in which the insured member died)
    • medical certificate stating the cause of death
    • Birth Certificate of UN Volunteer
    • Beneficiary Form (with complete information and signature of UN Volunteer)
    • Passport/Identity proof of beneficiaries


An autopsy report is not mandatory documents unless Cigna requests it.
If necessary, CIGNA can request additional information if the cause of death or the circumstances around it aren’t clear enough.

Beneficiary/legal guardian

Provide additional personal documentation as requested by Cigna including medical reports.



Operations Associate

If applicable, authorize travel for the dependents, travel allowance and an allowance for the dispatching of personal effects

OA - Team Leads

Sign the authorization with docusign or on paper and then upload to volunteer’s document library in UVP.


Send discharge form to beneficiaries

Beneficiary of late Volunteer

Complete Discharge Form and return to OA, VM

VSC Chief

VSC Chief signs discharge form


OA VM send signed discharge form to CIGNA in order to process the payment.


Cigna makes a bank transfer to UNV Programme. 

UNV Finance Unit

Finance informs OA and OA TL of receipt of payment and shares the chart field through which money is available.

Operations Associate

Contact beneficiaries to obtain bank information. Verify against ID documents and beneficiary form already on file.

Operations Associate

Request GSSU to create a vendor for beneficiaries

Operations Associate

Send discharge capital sum form to beneficiary (Acknowledgement of receipt, release and discharge form)


Beneficiary completes and signs the form to acknowledge receipt of life insurance payment and release UNV from further liability. Sends form to OA.

(Life insurance discharge form - EN , ESPFR)


Create vendor for beneficiaries.

OA can request to add beneficiary information from GSSU via email.

OA sends paper Vendor form to Beneficiary; they fill and submit back and then OA sends to GSSU and uploads to Volunteer Document Library

Operations Associate

Create voucher and submit for approval

Chief of Finance

Approve voucher


Invoices sent to VSC to forward to Cigna for reimbursement of the following claims:

  1. Embalming of the mortal remains; 
  2. Purchase of coffin; 
  3. Transportation of the remains from duty station to place of origin; 

IUNV - (Note: Cigna covers up to $10,000 the costs of repatriation of the corpse of the UN Volunteer (based on invoices). This includes the cost of the coffin, preparation and transportation of the corpse (e.g. cost of transportation from the country of assignment to the country of origin/recruitment and from the arrival at the airport to the home of the late insured person and from the home to the burial ground.)

NUNV- Note: Cigna covers up to $7,500 the costs of transportation (based on invoices per event). This includes Medical emergency transportation by professional services including road ambulance and helicopter ambulance (in-country) to the closest hospital where adequate Emergency care can be given in case of Medical emergency resulting from an Accident or a Sickness

The cost of preparation and repatriation of the body to the home country in case of repatriation of a deceased patient to his/her home country. This includes the cost of the ‘coffin’ used for transportation (often a simple metal or wooden coffin, suitable for the transportation). Please note that funeral expenses, including a ‘nicer’ coffin to replace the one used for transportation are not included.

The cost of accompanying person is subject to the overall limit of 7.500 USD (so no additional benefit on top of the overall transportation limit of 7.500 USD)

Operations Associate

Transmit invoices for above (step 19) expenses to Cigna for reimbursement

UNV Finance Unit

Upon receipt of reimbursement from Cigna, respective reimbursement costs should be credited to the assigned chart of account.

Notification from field that a recognized PFU passed away

Death of Volunteer.pdf