Registration in UVP

1. Host Entity -  Familiarise with UNV’s expectations - Familiarise with UNV’s expectations for host entities. Enter registration information

2. Host Entity - Start registration - Go to log in/sign up. Follow screen instructions. Confirm email address is valid and enter registration information. Accept terms of use and privacy policy.

3UVP - Check registration - Check registration requirements – password and email address.

4. HE - Choose account/entity type - Complete registration details: Choose account type (host entity).

Create new account

1. Host Entity - Complete registration - Click on “Edit Host Entity”, choose organization type and enter organization information – name, address, mission, and objectives.

2. HE (CSOonly) - Upload supporting documents  - Provide and upload supporting documents to prove compliance with eligibility criteria (certificate of registration, due diligence clearance)

3. HE (Gov/IO only)- Provide references - Provide information on the organization’s projects and activities, references from outside the organization (name, position, organization, email) and Volunteer engagement.

4. UNV - Review registration - Check organization profile information, consult references (Gov/IO only), and check supporting documents (CSO only). Ask questions or request edits if needed.

5. UVP - Notify Host Entity - Send notification email of requested edits to HE account user (if applicable).

6. HE - Edit Profile - Answer questions and/or edit organization profile, provide documents as requested. Submit to UNV.

7. UNV - Approve/reject request - Review provided answers and organization profile edits (if applicable) and approve new organization account creation request against eligibility criteria and according to agreed standards.

8. UVP - Notify HE - Send notification email of organization account creation request approval or rejection.

9. HE - Update profile - Update organization profile information as needed

Invite new user

Invite new user

1. Host Entity - Invite new user - Click on the button “Invite new User” under “task  “Host Entity Account Admin”, enter information (name, email, gender), choose a role, and invite the additional users to the organization account.

2. UVP - Send invitation - Send invitation email to the new user.

3. HE - Enter information - Click on link and enter registration information. Confirm email address is valid.

4. UVP - Check and confirm - Check registration requirements – password, email address. Send confirmation email and link the new user to the organization account.

5. HE- Complete profile - Click on link and complete user profile information

Forgot password

1. HE - Request new password - Click on “Forgot password” on log in page and request password reset.

2. UVP - Send email - Send password reset email with link to create new password.

3. HE - Create new password - Click on link and enter and confirm new password.

Host Entity Registration 2.pdf