Candidate Security Clearance Guide

Candidate Security Clearance Guide - Security clearance process - instructions for candidates

All International UN Volunteers are required to obtain a security clearance from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) before they travel to their duty station.

To do this you need to register with UNDSS and request a clearance through the Travel Request Information Processing (TRIP) system.

This is a two-stage process. Please make sure you allow enough time prior to departure to complete this mandatory process. Volunteers must not begin travel until security clearances is granted.

  1. Registration and profile completion – can be completed at any time
  2. Security clearance request – to be completed only once your travel itinerary is finalised

Access to TRIP is restricted to holders of an official UN email address. To allow you to register prior to departure, we have created an email address for you to use as follows: <user ID>

The only function of this email address is to forward emails from TRIP to your UVP-registered email. This allows you to access the TRIP system before departure only. Do not use this email address for any other purpose.

Instructions to register with TRIP and complete your profile

Instructions to request a security clearance - complete only when your travel itinerary is finalised

  • Go to the TRIP site
  • Log in using <UserID> as your username and enter the password you created during registration
  • Follow UNDSS instructions to request a security clearance
  • Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation of clearance in your UVP-registered email account. Save this email to your computer.
  • Go to UVP  ‘My Dashboard’ in UVP. Complete the ‘Security clearance’ task to upload the security clearance confirmation email from UNDSS.

If you have questions about this process that are not answered by the instructions and linked documents above, please email

Security clearance process – summary

International UN Volunteer candidates’ offer letters explain that they are to complete their own UNDSS security clearances prior to departure to their duty station.  

The security clearance process is as follows: 

  1. Candidate accepts the offer in UVP. 
  1. UVP sends a notification to the candidate with instructions on how to register with UNDSS TRIP and request a security clearance. This instruction includes an autogenerated email address with the format <user ID> This allows the candidate access to TRIP prior to departure.  
  1. The system automatically forwards the verification code required to complete TRIP registration to the candidate’s UVP-registered email address.  
  1. When their travel itinerary is finalised, the candidate requests a security clearance through TRIP.  
  1. The system forwards the clearance to their UVP registered email address.  
  1. Candidate saves the confirmation email and completes the ‘Security clearance’ task in UVP to upload in the document library.
  1. UVP notifies the OA that clearance is complete and records the task in the candidate’s history.  
  1. The OA checks the security clearance is complete and uploaded and acts only if required.