Talent API

AI scores and ranks applicants as they apply

In cases of direct recruitment, only the candidate identified by the host entity will be invited to apply. From that step onwards, the process is the same as openly advertised recruitments.

OA Recruitment

Update which recruitment clearances apply to the DoA

This option is available until the first recruitment clearance is reached (before submission or after the candidate is marked as preferred).

OA Recruitment

Review candidate profiles and create shortlist

OA Recruitment

Once the shortlist is final, submit candidates to the host entity.

If recruitment clearances are required for the assignment before submitting to the host entity, go to 4.1. If no clearances are selected, UVP will proceed to step 5.

If a pre-submission clearance is needed for the assignment (Electoral, human rights, CISMU) UVP will not submit candidates immediately. They will move to the ‘clearance’ tab.

For UNDRR assignments, notify Geneva-based HR focal points of candidates submitted

For UNHCR only -  OA Recruiter submits shortlist candidates to UNV FU in UVP, the UNV Field Unit forwards candidate profiles to UNHCR Field Office (Temporary)

OA recruitment

Send email to clearance body with candidate/applicant data as per clearance body requirements. Mark in UVP that this has been sent.

Clearance/vetting body

Review clearance and notify OA Recruiter.

OA Recruitment

Review clearance and record outcome in the ‘clearance’ tab of UVP.

If clearances are not passed, submit more candidates for clearance. If all cleared, submit to the host entity

Host Entity

HE receives a task on their dashboard to review submitted candidates.

Host Entity

Check the profiles of submitted candidates and choose the candidates that will not be assessed further. Mark candidates ‘not to be assessed’ in UVP.

PA/HE/Focal point

Arrange candidate assessment for suitable candidates eg. interview, written test, desk review, or other assessment depending on host entity preference.

Undertake assessment and record outcomes. 

HE can use their own or UNV's report documents. UNDRR sends the selection documents to RM as per UNDRR workflow. RO to inform VSC. 

Host Entity

HE completes a selection feedback form in UVP for each assessed candidate and indicates preferred.  

Supporting documentation such as interview notes or desk review assessments can be uploaded to UVP.


Place 2nd, 3rd, etc candidates on the waitlist feedback form. Supporting documentation such as interview notes or desk review assessments can be uploaded to UVP. 

Candidates can be converted from ‘waitlisted’ to ‘preferred’ in case the preferred candidate withdraws.



Withdrawn tab and previous status coloum available in UVP 

This option shows which candidates -volunteers have withdrawn and where they were up to in the recruitment process when they withdrew under the ‘candidates’ screen. The tab is under ‘candidate’ in the DOAs section.  Click here for screenshots and instructions to add a column to a table. 

UNHCR Field Office

UNHCR Field Office sends the interview reports and recommendations for recruitment of selected UN Volunteers in order of preference to APRS. 

Host Entity

Complete a selection feedback form in UVP for candidates who were assessed but not successful.

Successful candidate

In UVP, complete the ‘complete profile’ task.

  • Update academic qualifications.
  • Add an emergency contact (if not already entered).
  • Upload passport copy (if not already uploaded).
  • Confirm closest airport (or no travel).
  • Dependent information.


If required by the host entity, OA performs a task of “request reference” in UVP.


  • UVP sends an email to referees named in the candidate’s profile
  • The email has a link to an online reference form for the referee to complete.
  • Recruiter receives an email when all references are submitted.
  • The referee feedback is saved under the candidate profile.


Reference check guide

You can visit here to get more information on reference checks


APRS facilitates the HR and functional clearance within UNHCR and confirms clearance via task in UVP when requested by UNV recruiter.   

List of IUNV profiles that necessitate functional clearance.

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Energy
  • Civil Engineer
  • CCM Cluster
  • Site Planner
  • Settlement Planning
  • Shelter, Shelter (Cluster)
  • Fleet
  • WASH
  • Public Information

UNV Field Unit/Regional Office

  • Complete the task in UVP “Review submitted candidates”.
  • Record assessment outcome in UVP for selected/waitlisted/rejected candidates, upload selection documents to UVP

For those candidates who were not selected for the interview, complete the step in UVP “Decline without assessment”.

OA- Recruiter

Complete the task in UVP for the preferred candidate “Request UNHCR HR clearance”, “Request UNHCR functional clearance”


List of IUNV profiles that necessitate functional clearance.

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Energy
  • Civil Engineer
  • CCM Cluster
  • Site Planner
  • Settlement Planning
  • Shelter, Shelter (Cluster)
  • Fleet
  • WASH
  • Public Information

For other profiles, functional clearance should be as "non applicable".


Confirm clearance via task in UVP “Review UNHCR HR/Functional clearance”

OA Recruiter

Mark “Cleared” or “not cleared” in manage recruitment  clearance page in UVP

OA Recruiter

Confirm profile is up to date. Perform ‘select and issue offer’ task in UVP. 

 Confirm that the offer details are correct. Users can make live edits to the template before sending in cases of special initiatives or exceptions.  

Triggers email to the candidate. 

Point 13 and other pre-departure tasks (medical, visa, etc. up to payment of travel) in UVP will be performed in parallel with step-13.1  (OneHR clearance)  


Process OneHR clearance (OneHR clearance is triggered automatically after the UNHCR APRS completes HR and functional clearances in UVP.)


Effective from 1 February 2021, reference verification for all International volunteers deployed to UNHCR is done through OneHR. OneHR reference verification applies to only IUNV assignments with UNHCR. Effective from 15 July 2021, for all National UN Volunteers assignments with UNHCR, regular reference checks from UNV shall apply 

UNV/OneHR can proceed with checks in parallel with the recruitment process instead of waiting for its outcome and risking losing candidates which negatively impacts on UNV’s as well as on UNHCR’s operations. However, no recruitment can be materialized without completed OneHR reference check (min. degree, required years of work experience and qualitative ref check, SEA/SH). In case of negative outcome of any further check (additional degree, further work experiences, etc.) completed after recruitment, UNV will take appropriate disciplinary action as per COS.

The DOA required degree and work experience can be verified first instead of verifying all degrees and 10 years of professional experience to allow the recruitment process to progress faster. OneHR will still do the exhaustive verification in a second stage. If only BA is required in the DOA then this is checked first and if the candidate indicated any further degrees on his/her application, checks will be done later. Focus on checking minimum degrees and relevant required work experiences first.


  • Receive an email from OneHR reference verification with a link to inspira once the clearance is proceed.
  • Review the feedback in Inspira
  • Mark OneHR cleared/not cleared in UVP
  • Upload the clearance on the document library of the candidate

It is possible to mark OneHR clearance in UVP after the offer is issued

OA (Talent Pool)

Compare selected candidates against records on the Clear Check sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and sexual harassment (SH) databases.

Perform task in UVP to confirm:

  • “Clear Check No Match” – there is no record of SEA or SH;
  • “Clear Check Match” -  there is a record of SEA or SH.


OA Recuiter

Confirm profile is up to date.

Perform ‘select and issue offer’ task in UVP.

Confirm that offer details are correct. User can make live edits to template before sending in cases of special initiatives or exceptions.

Triggers email to candidate.

Preferred candidate


Candidate declines the assignment.

OA recruiter

If candidate declines: If second choice, proceed with next candidate.


For UNHCR, the UNV recruiter informs the APRS. APRS facilitates the HR and functional clearance for the next selected candidate and all actors continue with the clearance process from step 12 onwards. 


If no candidate is selected: request justification from host entity, record and upload, request re-submit) and go to longlist, and then shortlist, or consider special recruitment effort or closing the recruitment.


Pull all the required data from UVP to the excel table for Copenhagen to proceed with the bulk position creation


Transfer candidate data to UN Office in Geneva Joint Medical services via interface with EarthMed system. 


Enter Atlas position in UVP. 

Workflow for selection and clearance of medical professionals to be based in UN Missions

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Recruiting UN Volunteer (Host Entity Tooklit)

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