Advisory Panel on Disciplinary Matters and Claims

Disciplinary process

1. APDMC Secretariat - Receive caseAPDMC receives the case  

2. APDMC Secretariat - case for review - i) Review the investigation report for completeness ensuring it is sufficiently supported by evidence that is comprehensible enough for the UN Volunteer to understand the allegations against her/him (should include interview reports, Annexes etc.). ii) Formally and confidentially register the case iii) acknowledge receipt of the case to the agency that brought it before UNV HQ, with copy to the UNDP Resident Representative (RR) and the relevant UNV Field Unit and RO iv) Share all available documentation with all APDMC members

3. APDMC Secretariat - Inform volunteer of the case - I) Inform the volunteer in writing that s/he is under investigation, explaining the charges, even if s/he was already informed of the allegations prior to or during the host entity’s investigation. ii) Share a copy of the investigation report and supporting documents with the volunteer and request his/her comments on the allegations and report. Explain that his/her comments will go on official record. iii) Advise the volunteer that they have 10 working days to respond after receipt of the documentation. This deadline may be extended by 5 days at the APDMC’s discretion upon written request, including justification from the volunteer.

4. UN Volunteer - Submit comment to APDMC - submit comments to the APDMC Secretary within the deadline.

5. APDMC Secretariat - Convene a meeting to reviewWithin 10 working days of receiving the volunteer’s comments, convene a meeting to review with a quorum of at least four-panel members. APDMC Secretary to record the minutes. 

6. APDMC Chair - Report to EC and receive decisionWithin ten working days of the meeting, APDMC secretary will draft the appropriate letters for the UNV Executive coordinator's signature once both the meeting minutes and the letters have been approved by the APDMC Chair.

Having received the Executive Coordinator’s decision, the APDMC then produces the appropriate letter to be sent to the UN Volunteer. Where relevant, a copy of the letter is placed on the UN Volunteer’s file at UNV Headquarters.

7.  APDMC Secretary - Send volunteer letter - Send a letter to volunteer.

8. APDMC Secretary through Regional office - Inform host entityThe APDMC informs applicable Host Entity, the delivery of the communication will be facilitated by the UNV Regional Office or UNV Field unit, as applicable, to inform the Host Entity of the Executive Coordinator’s decision on the matter. This is the process regardless of the Host Entity at which the UN Volunteer is/was serving.

9. APDMC SecretaryFile letters and background documentation - APDMC letters are filed under the APDMC page in the portal where only APDMC Secretariat, panel members, UNV legal Specialist, EC, and DECs have  access

10. APDMC Secretary - Maintain statisticsMaintain detailed statistics on relevant aspects of all cases that have been brought before APDMC including:

  • types of misconduct;
  • types of proposed disciplinary measures;
  • data on host entities and countries

Claims process

1. Volunteer - Update inventory list - Keep inventory list updated

2. Volunteer - Submit claim When loss or damage occurs the UN, submit a claim to the OA in Bonn, specifying the exact circumstances of the incident that caused the loss or damage, of the items, the value, and other relevant details such as a police or a UN security report, as appropriate.

3. Team Leader VSC - Review and forward to APDMC Review case and submit to APDMC secretary

4. APDMC secretaryRegister case -Ensure all background documents are in place for APDMC Board to make decision. Register the case

5. APDMC Chair - Call meeting -Call meeting to review the case

6. APDMC - Review claimReview the case, reach a decision. Secretary to take minutes.

7APDMC Chair - Summarise and share Prepare a summary of the decision and share with the volunteer, VSC Team Leader, Field Unit, and RM.

8. Team Leader VSC - Request compensation paymentRequest UNV Finance to proceed with compensation if any.

Annual Report

1. APDMC secretary Draft annual report - For drafting the Annual Report, the following are useful:

a) Statistics of the cases reviewed for the past year. A log list of cases reviewed is available.

b) Statistics calculator for the APDMC cases

c)  Monthly Statistics Report produced by Executive Office (take the December)

2. APDMC Chair - Review Review the draft Annual report and make recommendations /edits

3. APDMC secretaryFinalize report - Finalize the annual report

4. APDMC secretary - Draft memos Draft memos to accompany the APDMC Annual Report.  Memos are addressed to the following: a)All UNV Field Units/ Regional Managers b) UNDP Administrator  c) DFS  d) Office of Audit and Investigation (OAI) and a personalized email message from the UNV EC to all Resident Coordinators and RRs

5. APDMC Chair - Review and finalizeReview and finalize memos. Send report to EC for endorsement.

6. UNV EC - Endorse Endorses the Annual Report and signs memos and sends personalized email from his email account

7. APDMC Secretary - Dispatch Dispatch annual report and memos. Upload annual report to UNV SharePoint.

APDMC Disciplinary Measures and Claims.pdf